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Issue #63 | FEBRUARY 8, 2024
This issue clocks in at 614 words — about a 3 minute read

In this issue:

  • Being Comfortable is the Worst: Why I push myself past my preconceived limits
  • Checking In: Are you enjoying the longer form content?
  • Look Back: My Year Starts on March 1st
  • Happy birthday week, Tracy!

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Being Comfortable is the Worst

In 48 hours I’ll be taking the stage for the first time in my life. I won’t be sharing the spotlight, and the glory of victory or the embarrassment of defeat will be mine alone.

Let’s back up.

A year ago, almost to the day, I decided I would give learning to swim a go. It’s a casual statement because it was a casual decision. I didn’t put any thought into it, I just decided it would be a cool experiment in self-improvement.

Before March of 2023, if someone asked me if I could swim I would say (as I’ve heard countless others say since), “I mean, I could swim to save my life if I had to.” The irony is, looking back I don’t think there was any truth to that statement.

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My Year Starts on March 1st

As my mindset shifted and my mentality regarding self-improvement detached itself from convention, I took a critical look at my beliefs about myself and when I traditionally found forward progress in life. Surprising no one, that progress wasn’t happening in January.

If there were ever a time of the year in which I felt reborn, it was during the snow melt; while the first trees were blooming; the point at which the scent of the air switched from frigid to fragrant. I remember as a little leaguer showing up for the first spring practice feeling a renewed sense of self, ready to play ball with my team.

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Critical Thought

"When pain is unbearable it destroys us; when it does not it is bearable."
— Marcus Aurelius

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