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Issue #62 | FEBRUARY 1, 2024
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In this issue:

  • How I Spend $13 a Day On Food: Every single day, 365 days a year
  • Money Focus: Understanding what brings value to your life
  • Revisiting A Solopreneur’s 2023 Financial Story: How my money mindset made me feel rich beyond belief last year
  • Happy birthdays this week to Raub and Chad!

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How I Spend $13 a Day On Food

One month into 2024 and I’ve either peaked for the year, or I’ve managed to find a pain point from which many of us suffer.

My first article of 2024 was my financial recap from the previous year. It’s a concept I first shared in 2023, and with its moderate success I shared again at the start of this year.

Within 24 hours of publishing it became my most read Medium article of all time.

Here’s a quick recap:

Similar to 2023, 99.4*% of the meals I ate were made at home by me. Meaning my grocery expenses for 2023 were my food expenses for the year. That total was $5,010.28, which includes my morning coffee, or $4,602.39 not including my coffee.

That total breaks down to $13.73 per day with coffee, $12.61 without coffee.

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Money Focus

With such an overt theme of money and dietary decision making in this issue, I wanted to be sure to point out (as I've been criticized in the past) that I am committed to spending money on what brings value to my life. What that means for me will undoubtedly mean something different for each person who reads it.

If splurging on a fancy dinner with friends and family is what pumps up the serotonin in your brain, then please embrace that. However, if you find yourself struggling because your fast food expenses are piling up far too quickly, then perhaps there's a tidbit you'll find valuable in these words.

Spend time reviewing where your money is going and ask yourself if that expense made your life better, or if you would have preferred spending that money elsewhere.

Sometimes having a difficult conversation with ourselves is how we set our futures up for success.


A Solopreneur’s 2023 Financial Story

What becomes increasingly apparent to me year over year is that my happiness is not tethered to the amount of money I make, rather it’s tied to how I spend (and save) that money.

Similar to last year, below I’ll break down what my income looked like over the course of 2023. I’ll share a high level overview of some of my more significant spending categories and make note of why and how they bring value to my life.

Everything you see here is from the perspective of a solopreneur living in Columbus, Ohio. My company is focused on web design, with website hosting, website maintenance, email marketing, and social media marketing offering additional revenue streams.

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Critical Thought

"Contentment comes not so much from great wealth as from few wants."
— Epictetus

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