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Issue #51 | NOVEMBER 9, 2023
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In this issue:

  • My Search for Meaning: A millennial's look at an age old question
  • Letting go: Saying goodbye to old relationships
  • Celebrating 1,800: The world's most beautiful open water swims
  • NEW: Share your birthday, get a shout-out

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My Search for Meaning

I've been on the hunt for grandiosity for a lifetime. Perhaps longer, depending on the day and belief system.

Not uncommon to the condition of childhood, I grew up wanting for my alien parents to sweep me away in their spaceship so we could set sail together across the galaxy as my coming of age story unfolded. My human parents are great, but no way could I pass up this alternate reality.

And after all, what would growing up be without a healthy dose of delusion fantasy?

As a young adult there wasn’t a moment in which I didn’t believe I was destined for greatness. I assumed fame and fortune were written into my story. Who the author was, I wasn’t sure, I just knew it wasn’t me. Someone wanted me to be on the big screen and on the endcaps at Barnes & Noble, and eventually my mystery Miyagi would cross my path and lead me to the stars.

In case you’re wondering what that does to a person’s psyche as they go off into the world, on their own for the first time, it’s nothing good.

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Letting Go

Earlier in the week I tackled what I anticipated to be a mundane task. What I ended up feeling after the fact was a sense of freedom.

Across many years of entrepreneurship I've collected countless birthdays, all of which I had the greatest intention of celebrating. As time went on, however, life and circumstances changed, and what was once an opportunity to reconnect became what felt like an awkward burden.

It's been a great joy adding Live by Design subscriber birthdays to my calendar, and while I did so I took the opportunity to scrub it of birthdays of people with whom I've fallen out of touch.

The feelings of freedom and relief came not from a place of spite, but rather a feeling of letting go. It was a great reminder that sometimes relationships have served their purpose, and moving on is what is best for both of you.


1,800 Yards

Following the completion of my first triathlon, I knew I needed a new goal to keep myself motivated.

That goal would take me from (barely) swimming 300 yards, to tackling my first continuous mile in the water. In U.S. pool terms, that's 1,760 yards, rounding up to 1,800 for good measure.

Tuesday, November 7th, was the day I defeated that goal in 36 minutes 32 seconds. I'm proud to have a check mark next to that accomplishment, and I fully acknowledge there's plenty of room to improve.

To celebrate, here are the world's most beautiful open water swims.


Critical Thought

"Which of your current habits is least aligned with the type of person you hope to become?"
James Clear

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