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Issue #61 | JANUARY 25, 2024
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In this issue:

  • Hello Sobriety, My Old Friend: Dry January is a destination and a journey
  • Giving Patreon a Shot: How to read more from me in 2024
  • Revisiting 4 Years of Sobriety: Understanding how good life can be without alcohol hanging over your head

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Hello Sobriety, My Old Friend

On February 1st, countless people across the globe will face a decision with life-altering consequences. Picture if you will, whether this is your reality or an imagined version of it, you’ve spent the last 31 days sober.

Not a trace of mind-altering chemicals to be found, not in your blood, not in your brain. Your mind, for the first time since adolescence, is clear. It’s clear from fog, it’s clear from the lust to be numb, and it’s clear from regret. You had no idea life could feel this good.

Yet you sit here, whether the future is now or it’s still days away, wondering what it would mean to proclaim you’re sober.

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Giving Patreon a Shot

If you have friends in your life who thrive on creating, or perhaps that friend is you, you know how hard it can be to ask for support and remain within your own integrity. Finding a balance between promotion and authenticity is very difficult, and doing it in a way that appeases the algorithms that be makes it seem like an impossible task.

I'm so thankful to have you here reading, and I'm optimistic with the way my audience on Medium has been growing. Which is why after months of internal debate I've finally decided to try taking my content creation to the next level.

For those unfamiliar, Patreon is a platform utilized by creators to both give their audiences access to content not available elsewhere, and to also start to build it into a revenue stream. It's a way for audiences to thank their favorite creators for, well, creating.

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5 Lessons from 4 Years of Sobriety

Quitting drinking was never meant to be a permanent solution. It wasn’t even meant to be a solution, it was a challenge. I dared myself to quit for a year to see what would happen. I wanted to see just how good life could be without alcohol influencing me.

But don’t pat me on the back just yet, it’s not like I was unhappy when I was drinking. If I’m being candid, giddy was my default drunken state. Giddy and charmingly inarticulate. I still remember all those first sips. Liquid bellwethers for how the night ahead would go.

It wasn’t happiness that was the issue, it was the constant hum of lacking fulfillment. Like tinnitus of the heart and soul.

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Critical Thought

"What’s on the other side? I’ll tell you. You. You are on the other side of those struggles. A you you realize you only knew a little bit about. You learn you’re capable of more than you know."
— Ryan Holiday

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